You married the man of your dreams and you want to divorce proof your marriage. Building a union starts when to the two of you say “I do”, but the lovey-dovey feeling will fade away if we don’t decide to make the relationship a priority. Long lasting, loving relationships which avoid divorce put time and effort into making them work.

Leave Singleness Behind

A great marriage involves leaving our singleness behind and forming a new relationship as a couple. We can’t keep doing all the same things we did as a single person and have a marriage which lasts.

How to Divorce Proof Your Marriage

  1. Each person makes CHANGES. Yes, the awful word which means we can’t keep doing things like we did as a single person.
  2. You leave and cleave. We leave our parents, past relationships and our old ways for the two to become one.
  3. Two people learn to put their unique lives together and form a new whole where both of your pasts and ideas create a whole new identity
  4. Couples in long-lasting marriages spend time together
  5. You manage your finances together, both income and debt
  6. They decide who is going to be responsible for what in the relationship
  7. You work on the relationship and don’t give up

Make your marriage a priority. Leave your past ways behind and cleave and stick like glue. When we decide to make our marriages a priority in our lives, we build a marriage that lasts.

A man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife and the two are united into one.~Genesis 2:24



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