To Love Our Lives and Love Our Marriages takes work and planning. I firmly believe that if our priorities aren’t right with what God wants , we won’t love either our lives or our marriages. I plan to talk a lot more about how we can order our lives to have time for ourselves, those we love including our husbands.

These are the Seven Priorities we will talk about. and how each of them affect our marriage and our lives.

God, Health, Husband, Children, Home/Job, Yourself and Others

After a speaking engagement last weekend, a lady came up to me and whispered, “My husband’s not even on my priorities list.”

This is something I hear often, ladies ready to get divorced, having communication problems, and very unhappy have not learned how to keep their husband a priority.  It’s hard to love your marriage if your husband is not on your list of priorities.

More to come next week.



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