We share a bed, meals, and our money, but do we share our closet?  “Honey, I know we bought this house together and we sleep in the same bed, but you’ll have to go to another room to get your closets.” Make room for our husband’s clothes in the closet and demonstrate how much you care about him and want him in every part of your life. Besides-

it’s fun to watch each other dress. Romantic and sexy.


Sharing your closet is a three-step process. Prep your closet, get the storage tools you need, and purge the clothes you don’t use. If we have too many clothes, there is no way we will fit his clothes and ours into the same closet.


Top Shelf─ Make sure the closet has a top shelf. If it doesn’t, add one.

Hanging Bar─ Double your space to put shirts on the top rack and pants on the bottom. You may want a second rod for your side.


Shoe Bag– Hang it from the rod and get 7-8 pairs in the space of one.

Hanging Storage─ Use the vertical space to increase your storage. Add baskets to fit in the cubbies to can store underwear, socks, sweaters and exercise clothes

Hoops and Racks─ Belt hoops, tie rack, and scarf hanger. Look for fun and creative ways to store your accessories.

Decorative Boxes─Store out of season clothes on top shelf of your closet.


Last Six Months─ Keep what you wore in the last six months for both the warm and cold season in your climate.

Current Size─ Get rid of the clothes that don’t fit. If you lose the weight, celebrate with a new basic wardrobe.

Like and Feels Good─ Keep what you love and wear. If you don’t like it why wear it?


DO NOT purge his clothes without his permission.


Don’t start a fight- they are his clothes not yours. Put what you know he wears often in his side of the closet. Store or move the other items and let him know and let where you put his clothes. Once he sees what you did he may want to purge too. If not, then enjoy the progress you made. Be polite!

First, help me to never tell a lie. Second, give me neither poverty nor riches! Give me just enough to satisfy my needs. ~Proverbs 30:8


What storage pieces do you need to get to organize your closet?


Watch Joyce’s 6 two-minute videos with step by step directions to de-clutter your closet. Organize your closet this weekend.

God and Your Closet Videos






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